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Made by SimpleMaps.com + Nadzik Thus far 94,451 cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed in Kraków and the surrounding voivodeship of Małopolska (ENG: Lesser Poland) since the beginning of the pandemic (868 cases confirmed today). 4 takeaways from Duda’s reelection as Polish president. Both male and female same-sex sexual activity are legal in Poland. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in Poland face legal challenges not faced by non-LGBT residents. “Poland is a typical post-colonial state,” the far-right writer Rafał Ziemkiewicz told me. On Thursday, Oct.22nd, 2020, at 6:30pm, via Microsoft Teams, Slavic Club is sponsoring a lecture by Dr. Richard Hunter, "What's Happening in Poland Today?" This ruling cannot be appealed and bans women from having an abortion due to fetal abnormalities - one of the leading reasons women have legal abortions in Poland (1,074 of As images of public protests travel easily around the internet, I would like to argue that the response to Frljić’s production needs to be understood in a much wider context of political censorship and moral panic. In 1795 the third and the last of the three 18th-century partitions of Poland ended the existence of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.Nevertheless, events both within and outside the Polish lands kept hopes for restoration of Polish independence alive throughout the 19th century. Its average daily viewership last year was 46,000. Last Thursday October 22nd, 2020 was a dark day for Polish women. Not as spectacular in many ways as Christmas, it is, however, a beautiful symbol of the resurrection of Jesus Christ but also nature coming back to life after a long and tiresome winter. Select the subjects you want to know more about on euronews.com Share On Twitter In recent days, a top court within Poland ruled that ending the life of a deformed foetus was unconstitutional, effectively making abortion illegal in almost any circumstances across the country. What is really happening in Poland today? The European Union is investigating controversial reforms to Poland's media and judiciary by the new conservative government in Warsaw. [5] - Travel ~ 2017; The "Rudification" Of Society - Is This Happening In Poland As Well? Poland’s far-right party is subverting democracy, and setting the country on a collision course with the EU. Welcome to the EUPEDIA FORUM. Although the zones are non-binding in law, it sends a clear message of exclusion to the LGBTQ+ community in Poland. Poland didn’t lurch right: PiS is a throwback to Soviet-style politics. There have been a total of 958,416 people infected in Poland since March 4. The die hard Christian boomers in Poland basically have elected the very conservative government (though support for that party has collapsed the last weeks). What on earth is happening with the Second World War museum in Gdansk ? For over two weeks, tens of thousands of protestors have been marching and blocking significant roadways and bridges in Poland after the near-total ban on abortion by a high court ruling on October 22nd. That government has been attempting to eliminate abortion rights for years now (while also dismantling the judicial system, which the EU has started a process to potentially kick them out). Timeline of Coronavirus cases in Poland: 4/3/20-29/3/20. Poland In was launched in 2018 at a cost of 1.8 million zloty (€0.4 million), and has since cost 13.5 million zloty a year to run, reports Wirtualne Media. Next, PiS admitted to the agenda and put to a vote a dramatically restrictive abortion bill. What is happening in Poland? Activists all around the world are becoming increasingly worried about the fate of the LGBTQ+ community in Poland, where discrimination grows rampant by the day. Belarus is gripped by mass protests, triggered by an election widely believed to have been rigged in favour of the long-time leader Alexander Lukashenko. if that is happening, then I am a Polish from today, No, Trump hasn’t called: Poland’s Duda falls victim to Russian pranksters. It is therefore hardly surprising that as of 2020, Poland is the worst-performing EU country in terms of LGBTQ+ rights. A third of Poland is currently declared as an ‘LGBT-free zone’. Information about Poland. Europe. [146] - Life ~ 2010 'Poland: A Knight Among Nations' - Book about Poland by an American Author, dated 1907 [51] - History ~ 2017 - Parties and Politics in Contemporary Poland. Poland engaged in a "self-limiting" revolution in 1989 in which it began a process of changing both its economic and its political systems. “Poland is one of the key players for the wind industry supply chain in Eastern Europe, which is why we feel that it is important to participate at Wind Power Poland” says for example Jan Hylleberg, CEO of the Danish Wind Industry Association (DWIA). You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. 07/15/2020 09:20 AM EDT. From 1795 to 1918 Poland was split between Germany, Austria and Russia and had no independent existence. Through print, digital and event platforms we provide information and networking opportunities to integrate both Poles and foreigners interested in Poland. Since the “June 1989 Roundtable Negotiations” between the communist government and the leaders of the Solidarity Movement, Poland has been tightly controlled and governed by a shadowy power holding group. Its acronym (KOD) was designed to be reminiscent of KOR, the Workers’ Defense Committee, created in the 1970s to protest the Communist Party’s treatment of workers in Poland. Poland constitutional court issued a ruling on Thursday that further restricts abortion rights in Poland, triggering four straight days of protests across Poland. As the EU moves forward in LGBT rights, one country keeps going backward. What is happening with abortion in Poland? Calum Paton 23 October 2020 Share On Facebook. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. Adam Zamoyski, a British historian of Polish origin, is the author, inter alia, of “Poland: A History” (Hippocrene, 2012) and “Warsaw 1920″ (HarperCollins, 2008). By Leyre Castro. It will replace Poland In, the current English-language service run by TVP that is available online globally (apart from in North America). Find what to do today, this weekend, or in December. We have reviews of the best places to see in Poland. What is happening in Poland? In Poland, populistainment is used as a veil for the overhaul of the judiciary, just as the PiS version of democracy is used as a veil for authoritarian behaviour. In Poland, a country where Roman-Catholic religious practices are still widely present, Easter happens to be one of the most beautiful celebrations in the calendar. What is happening in Poland? Written by Klaudia D. Czerwińska. According to ILGA-Europe's 2020 report, Poland has one of the worst state of LGBTQ rights among European Union countries.. People are afraid that Germans and Chinese will buy Poland, and Poland will lose its Polish "character". Poland Today is the media interface bringing Poland to the world and the world to Poland. A recent troubling ruling in Poland has imposed a near ban on abortion. Poland has one of the strictest abortion laws in Europe, and up to last week abortion was only permitted in three cases: 1) when the pregnancy was a result of rape or incest, 2) when the pregnancy would put mother’s life at risk, and 3) when the foetus had severe disability or was incompatible with life. By LAURENZ GEHRKE. The result will be agonizing for women and their families, forcing some to continue through pregnancies against their will, while others will have no choice but to travel abroad to seek care, or to seek underground abortions. Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Poland on Tripadvisor: See 504,923 traveler reviews and photos of Poland tourist attractions. There is a constant fear that they will lose Poland to foreign "invasions" of many sorts.

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